Trenzik™ - Exercise Orthotic for the Stiff Hand

The Trenzik™ Splint was designed to assist in the treatment of a stiff, painful hand. The device was created using patented technology developed by a Certified Hand Therapist.

The device allows the clinician to position the MCP joints at the optimal degree of extension while the patient performs active flexion exercises of the IP joints to achieve desired tissue elongation. This product is designed to ONLY be worn while performing the prescribed exercise.

By stabilizing the wrist at neutral and the MCP joints in extension, active finger flexion exercises isolate the force of the FDS (flexor digitorum superficialis) and FDP (flexor digitorum profundus) to act solely on the IP joints.

This position also permits the patient to actively stretch tight intrinsic hand muscles (interossei and lumbricals).

The splint consists of a rigid dorsal panel secured with comfortable wrist and forearm straps. Rigid metal bars, secured to the distal end of the splint, align with each digit. Padded finger loops provide variable extension to each digit.

The splint is adjustable to accommodate greater degrees of MCP extension as the patient progresses, allowing for individual, customized therapy.

View the video below to see the Trenzik™ splint and intrinsic stretch exercise in action.

Available in royal blue color only. One size fits all. Fits left and right.

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