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Benik's popular line of pediatric wrist and hand splints features a number or stock styles and sizes. However, our custom sizing and wide variety of options sets Benik apart.

Select from our stock pediatric wrist supports below, which feature our most commonly requested options and sizes.

Visit the Options page to learn about customizing our wrist and hand splints or to learn more about our products' features.

In the event that a more custom fit than our stock sizes offer is required, see our Custom Sizing instructions.

Benik's Pediatric Hand Sizing Kit is an excellent starting point when determining the ideal fit for individual patients.

To place an order, download the Hand Splint Order Form. See our Hand Splint Sizing Guide for additional measuring details.

BD-88 BD-88 Option RG-87 W-211 Thumb Abduction
Glove-style Hand Splint W/Thumb Support
BD-88 Option A
Glove-style Hand Splint W/Thumb and Wrist Support
Glove-style Hand Splint W/Thumb and Finger Support
Wrist Wrap W/Thermoplastic Thumb Support
Thumb Abduction
& Opposition
W-302 W-303 W-312 W-313
Wrist Support W/Dorsal and Volar Aluminum Stays
Wrist and Thumb Support W/Dorsal and Volar Aluminum Stays
Thermoplastic Wrist Support
Thermoplastic Wrist Support W/Neoprene Thumb
W-323 Options
Thermoplastic Wrist and Thumb Support
Including the popular Volar Pan Extension

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