Custom Neoprene Orthotics

Benik Staff


Benik Corporation is a family-owned company with pride in our American-made products. Established in 1983, Benik has a long history of developing quality medical and athletic neoprene products for adults and children.

The availability of individually fitted and custom designed products has distinguished Benik as a leader and innovator in its field. Our product line features many original designs, including our patented method of joining custom-moldable thermoplastic and neoprene materials to form a supportive and comfortable splint.

With an average of more than 10 years of experience per employee, Benik’s creative, knowledgeable and qualified staff provides our customers with an invaluable resource to meet their patients’ needs and make concepts a reality. Our close work with equally creative medical professionals results in the creation of unique, problem solving products; many designed on a one-time basis for a single patient. This, combined with superior quality and service, allows our customers to consistently surpass their patients’ expectations.

Thank you for choosing Benik. We look forward to working with you.

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