Protective Sliding Mitts

Benik's baseball sliding mitts offer the most versatility to meet the varying demands of each athlete's baserunning protection needs.

All mitt styles incude malleable aluminum stays on the top and palm sides of the hand/wrist, a pull-loop for quick and easy donning, and double stitching for durability.

Benik's sliding mitts can be customized to match team colors and with individual jersey numbers.

Varying degrees of protection for the wrist, thumb and fingers are covered by the following items:

W-117B Baseball Sliding Wrist and Thumb Protector

W117B - Sliding Mitt w/Wrist & Thumb Protection

A pocket with protective plastic shell helps prevent injury to the thumb. Fingers remain exposed. A split opening at the forearm and quick-attach Velcro tab allow for fast and easy on-base application.

W-127B Sliding Protector

W127B - Sliding Mitt w/Wrist & Finger Protection

Protective plastic panels cover the top and underside of the fingers within the mitt. Open thumb.

W-137B Sliding Protector

W137B - Sliding Mitt w/Wrist, Thumb & Finger Protection

This sliding mitt's protective plastic panels cover the top and underside of the fingers. Closed sleeve keeps the thumb protected within the mitt to guard agains jamming.

W-137B Short Sliding Mitt

W137B Short

Short version of the W-137B sliding mitt. About 2-1/2" less length toward the elbow. Does not support or protect the wrist.

Sliding Protectors
Stock SizeCircumference at MCPs
M7 1⁄2" - 8 3⁄4"
L8 1⁄2" - 9 3⁄4"
XL9 1⁄4" - 10 1⁄2"
Measuring Guide