Ostomy Belt

Benik's Ostomy Belt system is the most complete solution available, offering support, protection and concealment of the pouch, wafer and stoma. And the interchangeable components offer the greatest level of flexibility, depending on the wearer's needs and activities.

Belt and Wafer Support

The fully adjustable neoprene belt wraps around the waist of the wearer and is fastened by a Velcro® tab. The belt can be used with both one- and two-piece systems and may be applied and removed with all equipment in place.

The access hole of the belt is positioned over the wafer. A non-slip gasket surrounds the wafer, helping to extend the life of the wafer and lessen disruption and irritation of the stoma and surrounding skin. The reinforcement and compression of the stoma site helps reduce the risk of parastomal hernia formation.

Additional non-slip material along the length of the belt help keep the belt in place.

Collection Pouch Bag

The removable neoprene bag of the Ostomy Belt offers support to the ostomy collection pouch and also conceals the entire pouch and wafer. The added coverage helps to muffle sound. The weight and pull of the wearer's collection pouch is dispersed to the belt itself, again limiting disruption of the wafer and stoma.

The neoprene bag of the Ostomy Belt can be partially turned down or fully removed to provide convenient access to the collection pouch while the belt remains in place.

The leak-resistant bag helps limit messes by containing any incidental leakage within it. The bag is washable and quick drying. It attaches by Velcro® to the neoprene belt. The bag is available in three sizes (see chart below). Custom sizing available.

Stoma Guard

For added protection, a stoma guard is also included with each belt. The plastic, domed stoma guard covers the access hole and protects against pressure and bumps to the stoma. Use of the shell may allow for tummy-time in infants or sports and recreational activities for youth and adults. See bottom left photo.

Colors and Customizing

The design of the belt is intended to be as universally accommodating as possible, including for one- and two-piece systems and type of ostomy, such as ileostomy and colostomy. Custom sizing and modifications to most aspects of the belt are possible. Multiple access holes for more than one port/opening can also be accommodated. Contact us for more info

The belt is available in Velcro®-sensitive neoprene colors. The standard bag color is black.

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As with all Benik products, the Ostomy belt is NOT made with natural rubber latex.

Ostomy Belt
Stock SizeWaist Circumference
Ostomy PED 1Up To 22"
Ostomy PED 2Up To 30"
Ostomy 330" to 40"
Ostomy CustomProvide
Standard Access Hole diameter is 2.75"
Ostomy Bag
Stock SizeDimensions (Wide x Tall)
Small4" x 4""
Medium5" x 6"
Large5.5" x 8"
Length: Measure from below stoma to end of closed pouch.