Volar Pan Extension

The volar pan extension is an option available on the BD-88 and W-300 series splints (except W-304 and W-305).

A thermoplastic panel is added to the volar side of the splint to create a resting pan for the digits. A Velcro® strap provides passive stretch and extension to the digits.

The ability to custom mold the thermoplastic pan allows for desired positioning and reforming as treatment progresses.

The pan can be molded to provide MCP flexion. Increased flexion of the MCPs typically lessens the pan length needed as the palmar crease is compressed. Keep this in mind when measuring. A quick check: place the patient's fully-extended fingers on a flat piece of paper with the fingertips at the edge of the paper. Flex the patient's MCPs and allow the paper to conform to the flexion. Notice how the paper will begin to extend past the fingertips as the degree of flexion increases.

See the Sizing Guide with Volar Pan Extension.

Also available in a removable version.

Finger Separators

Padded neoprene finger separators are available to create space between fingers and help prevent skin breakdown. Each separator attaches by Velcro® at the desired location (Images 4 to 6). The included Velcro® strap with additional padding also provides finger spacing.

Custom Options