W-209 WrapAdapt Wrist and Ankle Wrap

The WrapAdapt's design incorporates several therapeutic devices for the wrist and ankle into one device, which gives it the flexibility to be utilized across many indications and settings. The distally-located strap of the WrapAdapt gives the orthosis its flexibility, depending on its positioning, point of attachment and degree of tension.

The WrapAdapt provides a variety of customized, dynamic, ergonomic and comfortable wrist, hand, digit and ankle supports to assist weak musculature and improve range of motion for basic function.

One size fits most. Specify left or right. Available in royal blue color only.

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Wrist & Hand Variations

Forearm Distal

Wrist - Distal

Wrap and attach strap to most distal wrist position (even with top of forearm wrap) to increase carpal support.

Forearm Mid

Forearm - Mid

Wrap and attach strap to a mid forearm position for basic, comfortable, functional wrist support.

Forearm Supination

Forearm - Supination

Wrap strap and attach to proximal forearm position to assist supination.

Thumb Abduction Assist

Thumb Abduction Assist

Double-wrap strap all the way around thumb below IP joint and attach to volar forearm to assist palmar abduction ("can holder" position) of thumb. This position may also assist forearm pronation.

MCP Flexion

MCP Flexion

Wrap thumb strap snuggly over top of fingers - distal to MCP (knuckle) joints - traverse around volar wrist, and attach to mid dorsal forearm to provide slow, sustained stretch exercise to improve MCP flexion range of motion. Progressively attach strap more proximally to increase flexion tension as desired.

Ankle Wrap

Ankle Wrap

Ankle Wrap

WrapAdapt can be used to support the ankle in a variety of ways. Benefits to injured ankles can include early active mobilization, proprioceptive training and increasing range of motion. Use of the wrap may help limit foot inversion for some ankle sprains. The compressive, neoprene wrap can help control edema and pain, including for arthritis and gout flare-ups