W-311 Thermoplastic Wrist Orthosis with Thumb Support

Neoprene splint features a 1/16" thermoplastic panel that is heated and molds to the wrist to help control wrist flexion, hyperextension and ulnar deviation. A neoprene thumb post extends to the IP Joint, while the thermoplastic panel extends over the CMC to the MCP joint of the thumb. 9" length. Specify left or right wrist.

Wrist Flexion - Benik's thermoplastic 300 Series wrist supports can be molded to provide wrist flexion of 30 degrees from full extension. A greater degree of wrist flexion can be achieved with a custom designed support. See Wrist Support Options for more information.

Custom Options

Stock SizeCircumference at MCPs
XS6 1⁄2" - 7 1⁄4"
S7 1⁄4" - 8 1⁄8"
M8" - 8⅞"
L8 3⁄4" - 9 5⁄8"
XL9 1⁄2" - 10 1⁄4"
Measuring Guide