W-700 Series Accessories and Replacement Parts

Supinator Strap, W-700SUP

If supination of the affected hand is desired, a supinator strap can be applied to any of the W-700 Series splints. (Image 1)

PIP/DIP Extensor Straps, W-700DES

(Standard with W-700 and W-710 splints)

For adjustable PIP and DIP extension, these neoprene straps can be applied to any of the W-700 Series splints. A cap at the end of the strap slips over the finger, and it is attached by Velcro® to the dorsal side of the hand. The finger tips are textured for improved grip. Also helpful with decreasing minor spasticity and flexor tone. Available in S/M and M/L sizes. (Image 2)

Replacement Parts

Through normal use, some parts of the Tunnel Splint® may require eventual replacement. Individual components may be purchased to maintain functionality of the splint. Contact Benik for details.

Image 3: W-700 TSK MP Extensor Stay Kit (Qty 4), W-700 MCP Finger Loops only (Inset - Qty. 4)

Thumb Abduction

The standard thumb strap of the W-700 Series products can be substituted with the W-220 ABD for greater control of thumb abduction.