Custom Neoprene Orthotics

Color Options

Benik Corporation offers 17 colors of neoprene to choose from. With such a wide selection, you can pick your own personal favorite or match team, club or other uniforms. Standard and ventilated materials are available in all colors.

NOTE: In some cases, not all components of a product will match the selected color, including seam tape, thermoplastic panels, pockets for stays and Velcro® straps. We select complementary colors when a perfect match is not available or you may specify a preference. See the chart icons below for availability.

Velcro-Sensitive Neoprene:      Thermoplastic Coverage:      Velcro Straps:      Seam Tape:      Stitching:
Color Availability Color Availability
Red Dark Green
Hot Pink fluorescent Green
Lilac example Yellow
Purple example Beige
Navy Blue Orange
Royal Blue Burgundy
Columbia Blue Gray
Turquoise example Black