Custom Neoprene Orthotics

Neoprene Materials

*Benik's products are NOT made with natural rubber latex.

Unless otherwise specified, the majority of Benik's splints are made from 3mm thick, terry lined neoprene. Benik's neoprene is a non-petroleum-based material.

Other options may be specified for comfort or functionality, including:

Velcro®-Sensitive Neoprene

The outside fabric lamination is a nylon, unbroken loop material - very similar to loop Velcro®. By sewing hook velcro to the elastic and non-elastic straps, they can be repositioned as necessary and removed when no longer needed.

Ventilated Neoprene

All colors of neoprene material can be ordered ventilated at a slight charge. Ventilated neoprene is particularly useful for products worn in warm weather climates or for products worn on certain areas of the body where excessive body heat may be generated. Ventilation is created by perforating the neoprene before the fabric is laminated. The perforations are 1mm in diameter with approximately 7mm spacing.

Super Stretch Neoprene

A thinner 1.5mm neoprene with four-way stretch. Ideal for sleeves, as it allows them to be more easily applied and taken off. Nylon two sides. Available in black, gray, purple, red, navy blue and royal blue.

Product Development

Benik Corporation enjoys the distinction of being a company that specializes in team work. Although we do not claim to have any medical training, as manufacturers we consistently work jointly in team association with medical professionals. As part of this team effort, we offer medical professionals the opportunity to purchase our neoprene materials and tapes so that they may experiment in the design of products they believe may be beneficial to the patient. Our expertise in product development and manufacturing provides the source for continued production and distribution. This cooperative effort continues to be the mainstay for development of many new, innovative and theraputic products.