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Buttressing Darlexx™ Diamond Hinges Spiral Stays Anterior Velcro Closure Gripper Dots

Benik Knee Supports


Buttressing within a knee support is a beneficial method for patella stabilization. There are several ways to establish the ideal buttress:

Buttress Shape

  • Horseshoe Buttress Shape
  • Horseshoe

  • Crescent Buttress Shape
  • Crescent

  • Universal Buttress Shape
  • Universal

  • Always Velcro-attached

Method of Attachment

  • Neoprene Cord Buttress
  • Sewn-in

  • Felt Buttress
  • Velcro®

  • Rigid Neoprene Buttress
  • Pocket


  • Superior Buttress Position
  • Superior

  • Inferior Buttress Position
  • Inferior

  • Lateral Buttress Position
  • Lateral (Outside)

  • View of Right Knee
  • Medial Buttress Position
  • Medial (Inside)

  • View of Right Knee

Buttress Material

There are advantages to each of the options. Your experience as a specialist will be your guide in determining the ideal buttress for you patient.

Knee Options

Darlexx Diamond

Darlexx™ Diamond

For maximum comfort, a thin, breathable panel of Darlexx™ material can be added to the popliteal area on several of our knee sleeves, giving you all the benefits of a neoprene sleeve without the bulkiness that sometimes occurs when the knee is bent.

Available on most K-100 Series, K-200 Series and K-300 Series knee supports.


The K-300 Series knee braces feature dual-pivot malleable aluminum hinges for medial and lateral stabilization. The hinges are entirely enclosed and comfortably secured in pockets.

The malleable aluminum hinges must be fitted to the patient's leg for maximum comfort and performance and durability in the sleeve.

Hinged Knee Brace
Formed Knee Hinge
Spiral Stay Knee Sleeve

Spiral Stays

Benik's K-200 Series knee sleeves feature low profile, flexible spiral stays on the medial and lateral sides of the sleeve to prevent bunching. With very minimal additional restriction, the neoprene stays flat against the skin and greatly enhances the comfort of all-day wearers.

Anterior Velcro® Closure

Benik's knee sleeves can be modified to utilize Anterior Velcro® closures, which makes the product a wrap-around support. Hook Velcro® tabs fasten to the Velcro®-sensitive exterior at the front of the leg. This wrap-on style allows for easier application and removal for some patients and provides adjustable degrees of compression.

Anterior Opening Knee Sleeve
Anterior Opening Knee Sleeve – Open Flap
Gripper Dots

Gripper Dots

Each Gripper Dot is a 1.5" disc with non-slip material on one side and aggressive hook-Velcro fastening on the other.

The dots can be attached to the inside of most Benik products to sit against the skin and prevent slippage. They are particularly useful for conical-shaped sleeves prone to sliding down.

A common use is to place the dots in a staggered pattern around the circumference of the proximal end of a sleeve, such as a knee sleeve. The staggered pattern ensures the stretch of the neoprene material of the sleeve is retained.