Custom Neoprene Orthotics


Style Code HCPCS L-Code Description


These suggested L Codes are only recommendations provided as a resource to healthcare professionals. In no way do we guarantee or imply claim reimbursement or coverage. Please contact your local/regional Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) representative for coding questions.

Products purchased from Benik for use by a specific individual are custom fabricated based on provided measurements. Stock size products purchased or provided off-the-shelf through any other supplier or vendor are considered pre-fabricated.

Benik has provided this information as a resource to assist in identifying appropriate HCPCS L-Codes for our products. Benik is not responsible for final decisions made regarding codes submitted for our products.

While Benik will attempt to continually update this information, codes, descriptions and coverage are subject to change. Please see the Medicare PDAC website for the most current information.

Reference: Complete HCPCS codes list.