NSBVW Pediatric Neoprene Wrap-Around Shorts

Pediatric neoprene wrap-around shorts offer lower trunk compression and support. Velcro® straps and Velcro®-sensitive material of the wrap-around style allow for precise compression and accomodate patients as they grow. The open crotch also aids in ventilation. Useful for increasing proprioceptive input and stability. Optional rotator straps aid in hip abduction and stability and lateral or medial hip rotation. Garment constructed of ventilated neoprene for comfort.

Available in Velcro®-sensitive colors.

See custom sizing instructions or call for more information.

Stock SizeWaist CircumferenceInseamTotal Length
NSBwrap 014" to 20"3"8 1⁄2"
NSBwrap 116" to 22"4"10 1⁄2"
NSBwrap 219" to 25"5"12"
NSBwrap 322 1⁄2" to 32"5 1⁄4"14"
NSBwrap 425" to 36"5 1⁄2"15"
Measuring Guide