V-100 Pediatric Trunk Support

Two-piece dynamic body vest is constructed of 3mm ventilated neoprene and is terry lined for comfort. Velcro® straps on the front half of the vest adhere to the Velcro®-sensitive material of the vest back. Velcro straps at shoulders, sides and crotch provide for maximum adjustment. The orthosis provides upper trunk support and proprioceptive input. The vest will provide warmth and added buoyancy during hydrotherapy and other water activities, but is NOT to be used as a life preserver.

Vest front available in all colors. Vest back available in Velcro®-sensitive neoprene colors.

View and download our Trunk Orthosis Order Form(PDF).

View and download our Trunk Options Form(PDF) or Custom Thermoplastic Scapula Contour Panel Form(PDF). Must also submit above form.

Stock SizeTorso CircumferenceHip to Under-arm Length
V-10116" to 20"7"
V-10220" to 25"8"
V-10323" to 27"10"
V-10423" to 27"11 1⁄2"
V-10527" to 31"13"
If torso circumference measurements do not fall within stock sizes, custom measurements are required. See Custom Sizing Instructions for more information.

Stays and Panels

Benik's trunk supports are available with malleable aluminum stays or moldable thermoplastic panels to provide added support and protection.

The metal stays (Image 2) are typically placed in pockets positioned vertically on the back panel of the trunk support, referred to as paraspinal stays. Metal stays may also be positioned laterally (on the patient's sides) or as specified.

The thermoplastic panel (Image 3) is most commonly used to cover much of the posterior panel. The moldable thermoplastic conforms to the patient and provides some coverage around the sides of the wearer. The thermoplastic panels are permanently adhered to the exterior of the vest using a patented method. The 1/8 inch low-temperature material may be heated using a household iron, which allows it to be molded to the patient. The thermoplastic cools within 10 minutes to form a supportive, protective shell.

Custom modifications may be specified for both the aluminum stays and thermoplastic panels. Detailed drawings and measurements may be required.

The addition of rigid components may allow for the use of specific L-Codes when seeking insurance reimbursement, depending on the type and placement of supports and their intended functions.

G-Tube Kit

(Images 4-7) Benik's trunk support can accommodate patients who also have the need for access to a feeding tube. One option is to request our G-Tube Kit.

The kit includes a non-slip gasket ring with a 2 in. center cutout and soft and hard covers.

A hole needs to be cut in the trunk support (Image 4) to allow the G-Tube to pass through the gasket ring (Image 5), which is Velcro-fastened to the inside of the trunk support at the site of the G-Tube. The non-slip material of the ring lays against the skin, helping to prevent movement of the garment.

Both a circular neoprene flap (Image 6) and domed, plastic shell (Image 7) are provided to cover the G-Tube site.

Note that a G-Tube Kit with a V-100 series vest will require a Velcro-sensitve front panel, which can limit color availability.

Prepare a trunk support for a G-Tube Kit: