Ventilator Tube Strap

The Ventilator Tube Strap is designed to secure ventilator tubing to the wearer's body, increasing comfort and the ease and safety of transfers and mobility by protecting the tracheostomy site from unnecessary pulling forces.

The Ventilator Tube Strap was created in collaboration with the occupational and physical therapists of Seattle Children's Hospital.

The neoprene strap with Velcro fasteners wraps around the chest of the wearer. The strap is fully adjustable and designed to fit a wide rage of chest circumferences. Simple cut-to-fit sizing allows for a low-profile, comfortable, custom fit.

The Velcro ventilator tubing fastener is removable and may be positioned anywhere along the chest strap for easy relocation of the ventilator tubing for patient comfort and as needed during transfers and mobility.

Available in beige only.

Ventilator Tube Strap
Stock SizeChest Circumference
VT-24Up To 24"
VT-38Up To 38"