BD-88 Hand & Thumb Orthosis

Pediatric neoprene wrist support is designed to offer support for the thumb CMC and MCP and features a full-length Velcro® closure and a palmar pocket for an optional stay.

Available either as a pull-on (top photos) or with a Velcro® closure (bottom photos), this glove-style hand splint with thumb provides warmth, compression and support to reduce pain in the wrist and thumb (Note: Size AAAA and AAA supports do not extend to provide wrist coverage). Specify left or right hand.

A number of options and modifications may be selected:

  • Added distal and/or proximal length
  • Velcro® closures - full, partial or double locking
  • Supinator Strap
  • Tri-Glide strap
  • Pockets with aluminum stays - dorsal and ulnar
    Use BD-88 Option A for palmer aluminum stay
  • Volar Pan Extension
  • Thermoplastic Stays - Various: availability varies

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Custom Options

Stock SizeCircumference at Thumb IPLength from MCPs to WristTypical Age
AAAA1 1⁄4"1 3⁄4"<1
AAA1 1⁄2"2"1-2
AAB1 3⁄4"2 3⁄4"2-3
AA1 3⁄4"3"3-5
A2"3 1⁄2"5-7
B2 1⁄4"3 3⁄4"7-9
C2 1⁄4"4"8-9
D2 3⁄8"4 1⁄4"9+
Measuring Guide