RG-87 Hand, Thumb & Finger Orthosis

RG-87 Hand, Thumb & Finger Orthosis

Glove-style pediatric neoprene hand splint is designed to offer support for the wrist and thumb CMC and MCP while supporting and isolating the index finger. Product is terry lined for comfort.

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Index finger measurements required for this product. Provide circumferences at the DIP and PIP and length from web space between the index and middle fingers to desired distal end. See our Sizing Guide for additional info.

RG-87 Option A: Similar to the BD-88 Option A, including extended proximal length, a full Velcro® closure and a palmar pocket with a malleable aluminum stay.

Finger Flexion Flap: The index finger can be further isolated with the use of a finger flexion flap. The removable flap can be added to an RG-87 or BD-88 to place digits two, three and four into flexion and restricted from extension. The flap also maintains the thumb in adduction. Modification is needed to accept the flap. The finger flexion flap can assist with the use of touch-enabled devices, such as tablets, iPads, etc. Additional control of index extension can be achieved with a thermoplastic stay.

Custom Options

Stock SizeCircumference at Thumb IPLength from MCPs to WristTypical Age
AAAA1 1⁄4"1 3⁄4"<1
AAA1 1⁄2"2"1-2
AAB1 3⁄4"2 3⁄4"2-3
AA1 3⁄4"3"3-5
A2"3 1⁄2"5-7
B2 1⁄4"3 3⁄4"7-9
C2 1⁄4"4"8-9
D2 3⁄8"4 1⁄4"9+
Measuring Guide