Thumb Abduction & Opposition

Benik's W-220 Series Thumb Abduction and Opposition Supports are simple thumb sleeves with wrist straps that provide dynamic support to the thumb CMC and MP joints.

Improved functional use of the hand is possible by stabilizing, but not fully immobilizing the CMC joint, while allowing flexion of the thumb IP joint for tip to tip and tripod pinch.

Possible indications for either style include CMC dysfunction, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, low median nerve injury and some UCL/RCL injuries.

The addition of thermoplastic is available to provide more control, such as a thumb web space.

Specify Left or Right.

W-220 Product Instructions

W-220 ABD - Thumb Abduction

(Images 1 & 2; purple)

The W-220 ABD style splint primarily place the thumb in functional mid palmar/radial abduction. In this case, the strap stretches dorsally toward the ulnar side of the hand.

W-220 OPP - Thumb Opposition

(Images 3 & 4; red)

This W-220 OPP variation introduces thumb opposition, in addition to abduction. With the strap crossing the palm to the volar side of the hand, the thumb is placed in a functional position.

Custom Options

Stock SizeCircumference at Thumb IPWrist CircumferenceItem's Thumb Length from Web Space
AAAA1 1⁄4"4" 3⁄8"
AAA1 1⁄2"4 1⁄2" 1⁄2"
AAB1 3⁄4"4 1⁄4" 3⁄4"
AA1 7⁄8"4 1⁄4" 3⁄4"
A2"4 5⁄8" 7⁄8"
B/C2 1⁄4"5 1⁄4" 7⁄8"
D2 3⁄8"6 1⁄8" 7⁄8"
Measuring Guide