W-211 Wrist Wrap

Thermoplastic wrist wrap provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist and thumb. A 1/16" moldable thermoplastic stay completely surrounds the CMC and MCP joints to aid in positioning and immobilizing the thumb.

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Custom Options

Stock SizeCircumference at Thumb IPLength from MCPs to WristTypical Age
AAAA1 1⁄4"1 3⁄4"<1
AAA1 1⁄2"2"1-2
AAB1 3⁄4"2 3⁄4"2-3
AA1 3⁄4"3"3-5
A2"3 1⁄2"5-7
B/C2 1⁄4"4"7-9
D2 3⁄8"4 1⁄4"9+
Measuring Guide