Custom Neoprene Orthotics

Wrist/Hand Support with Volar Pan Extension Sizing Guide

The following guide may be useful when providing detailed patient measurements for completing Benik's Hand Splint Order Form (PDF).

Hover over the blue info icons or measurement description for an example image.

See Sizing Guide without Volar Pan Extension option

Wrist and Hand Sizing Diagram <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-index-mcp-to-tip-of-longest-finger.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-index-mcp-desired-end.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-mcp-circumference.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-thumb-ip.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-thumb-length.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-wrist-circumference.jpg' width='500' height='334' /> <img src='/static/images/hand-measuring-forearm.jpg' width='500' height='334' />

In addition to detailed measurements, a completed order form is required to ensure accuracy and avoid delays.