E-600 Static Velcro Sensitive Elbow Wrap

Benik's static elbow immobilization orthosis can be heated and molded to firmly and comfortably control elbow flexion as desired - from full extension to nearly 90 degrees flexion (request a custom flexion cut for positioning of 70 degrees or greater). The anterior thermoplastic support can be reheated and repositioned as treatment progresses.

The elbow wrap is easily applied and remains securely in place.

A posterior strap (Image 4) provides added resistance.

Possible indications include cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar neuropathies), muscle strains and ulnar lacerations.

Specify right or left arm.

Available in Velcro®-sensitive neoprene colors.

Also offered in pediatric sizes.

Stock SizeLengthCircumference at Elbow
Size 88"7" - 9"
Size 99"7 1⁄2" - 10 1⁄2"
Size 1010"8" - 11"
Size 1111"8 1⁄2" - 11"
Size 1212"8 1⁄2" - 11 1⁄2"
Size 1313"8 1⁄2" - 11 1⁄2"
Measuring Guide