Custom Neoprene Orthotics


Many of Benik's products were designed to be worn by athletes, including those in the professional ranks. Benik's association with professional baseball, in particular, has led to the development of many unique and beneficial products used by some of the sport's top players.

As a manufacturer, Benik works with trainers to develop and modify products that help players perform at their best. This team effort and ability to customize has earned Benik a strong reputation.

Featured on this page are some of our most popular products with professional baseball players and athletes of all kinds.

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W-100 Wrist Cuff


A popular baseball wrist support, this basic wrist cuff provides warmth, compression and support to the wrist.

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W-104 Wrist Cuff


A popular baseball wrist support, this wrist cuff features an elastic adjustable compression strap for additional support.

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W-102 Wrist Protector


Wrist protector constructed of 1.5mm neoprene with four-way stretch features a pocket containing a removable 1/4" foam pad to protect the ulnar side of the wrist. Additional benefits include warmth, compression and support to the wrist. The W-102 is an example of how many of our products can be adapted to include features, such as a protective pad or supportive thermoplastic panel, that help treat and prevent injuries. Fits left or right.

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H-100 Neoprene Hand Protection Pad


Protects and pads the palm. May be worn on any two adjoining fingers. Specify left or right hand. Sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.

Sliding Protection

All protective baser-running products in this series include removable dorsal and volar malleable aluminum stays (W-106B: volar only), a pull-loop for quick and easy donning and double stitching for durability. Sizes M, L and XL only. Specify left or right hand.

W-106B Baseball Sliding Wrist Sleeve


Aids in the protection of the wrist while sliding (palmar stay only). Standard sleeve with D-ring cinch strap.

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W-107B Baseball Sliding Wrist Sleeve


Aids in the protection of the wrist while sliding. Standard sleeve with D-ring cinch strap.

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W-117B Baseball Sliding Wrist and Thumb Protector


A pocket with protective plastic shell helps prevent injury to the thumb. A split opening at the forearm and quick-attach Velcro® tab allow for fast and easy on-base application.

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W-127B Sliding Protector


Protective plastic panels cover the top and underside of the fingers within the mitt. Open thumb.

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W-137B Sliding Protector


This sliding mitt's protective plastic panels cover the top and underside of the fingers. Closed sleeve keeps the thumb protected within the mitt.

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W-137B Short Sliding Mitt

W-137B Short

Short version of the W-137B sliding mitt. About 2-1/2" less length toward the elbow. Does not support or protect the wrist.

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Sliding Protectors
Stock SizeCircumference at MCPs
M7 1⁄2" - 8 3⁄4"
L8 1⁄2" - 9 3⁄4"
XL9 1⁄4" - 10 1⁄2"
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E-401 Athletic Padded Elbow Sleeve

E-401 Elbow Guard

Neoprene batters elbow protector with pocket and pre-molded 3/8" foam insert that conforms to professional baseball standards. Total padding thickness is 5/8". Adjustable Velcro® closure at bicep. Specify right or left arm.

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E-202 Contoured Elbow Sleeve

E-202 Contoured Elbow Sleeve

Pull-on elbow sleeve is constructed with a slight bend to reduce bulk at the cubital fold and allow freedom of movement. Provides warmth and compression to sore, aching elbows. Specify left or right.

Available with Darlexx™ option for ventilation, less bulk and extended wearing comfort.

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K-100 Knee Sleeve


Basic slip-on neoprene knee sleeve is a comfortable support that provides compression, warmth and protection for minor sports injuries, sprains, strains, bruises and arthritis. Available without patella cutout on request. A thin, breathable Darlexx™ Diamond panel can be added to the K-100 to reduce bulkiness behind the knee.

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K-400 Athletic Knee Pad


Sports knee pad has a full 1/2" of neoprene protection on the front of the knee and is cutout behind the knee. Overall length is approximately 9".

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K-400M Modified Athletic Knee Pad


Features 1/2" of neoprene protection on the front of the knee. Top strap is removed for comfort. Designed to be worn underneath the uniform.

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K-405 Turf Pad

K-405 Turf Pad

Provides light knee protection from scuffing or scraping without the bulk of a full knee pad. Designed to be worn underneath the uniform. See K-400M sizing for options.


C-100 Calf Sleeve


This calf sleeve provides warmth and compression in the treatment of shin splints and muscle strains.


T-100 Thigh Sleeve


Slip-on thigh sleeve provides warmth and mild compression to the thigh. Helpful in the treatment of thigh and groin injuries. Approximate inseam length is 8". Specify right or left thigh.

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T-101 Thigh Sleeve with Extended Length


Provides the same benefits as the T-100, but is 2" longer. Specify right or left thigh.

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T-103 Thigh Sleeve with Compression Straps


The Velcro® sensitive exterior of the thigh sleeve allows the hook Velcro® sewn to the elastic straps to be attached and positioned as desired. Repositioning the straps allows additional concentrated compression without the tourniquet effect often resulting from simply tightening the sleeve. Includes two 2" X 8" elastic straps. Specify right or left thigh.

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Ankle & Toes

A-100 Ankle Sleeve


Slip-on ankle sleeve provides compression, support, stability and comfort to the ankle. Constructed of 1.5mm neoprene with four-way stretch, which allows the sleeve to be easily applied and taken off. Available in Black, Red Navy Blue and Royal Blue.

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A-200 Thermoplastic Ankle Sleeve


Ankle support features medial and lateral thermoplastic stays, providing excellent support to weak or injured ankles. The splint, constructed of 1.5mm Velcro® sensitive neoprene, custom molds to the ankle and easily fits into a shoe. Designed to be worn over a sock. Available in Black only.

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TWB Toe Warmer

Slip-on toe cover to be worn during ice therapy.

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