Custom Neoprene Orthotics

Ordering & Pricing

Ordering is a purely information site. Please feel free to browse our adult and pediatric product lines on this site and contact us to place an order.

As a manufacturer, we are careful not to bypass medical professionals by selling directly to the end user. Therefore, we must balance the need to provide easily accessible information about our products to all who are interested, but not allow the general public to diagnose and treat themselves without first consulting a medical professional. If you are not a medical professional, please consult your doctor.

Production time for all products fluctuates with order volume. Please ask about current lead times so we can help you plan accordingly.


Prices for our products are not included on this site.

If you are a medical professional and would like our price lists or a price quote for a specific product, please submit a request through our contact form.

Consumer's may submit requests for retail price quotes through our contact form.

Custom vs. Stock Sizing

All Benik products are made to order, which allows us to provide custom sizing and offer wide ranging options, color choices, etc. Benik does display "stock sizing" on this site as a reference. Stock sizing may not be an option for all individuals, because it is typically based on a single measurement. We cannot guarantee a perfect fit when using stock sizing alone.

For the best fit, we always recommend providing full measurements (ideally alongside the use of our sizing kit for pediatric wrist supports). A custom pattern fee may apply, but our experienced technicians will make any necessary adjustments to sizing as the product is individually fabricated. And we will work with you to make any needed adjustments later.

Insurance Billing & L Codes

As a manufacturer, we do not bill insurance. Based on feedback, we have found that most of our products are typically covered by insurance. Some customers opt to purchase through a pharmacy or DME supplier to handle medical billing for a patient.

If you are a medical professional with a question about HCPCS L Codes for a specific product, feel free to contact us. We may be able to recommend an L Code. Or visit our L-Code page for more information. Please keep in mind that our recommendations are only suggestions that do not guarantee or imply claim reimbursement or coverage.

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