Finger Tubes

Available as an option that may be used with a number of Benik's pediatric wrist supports. Individual Finger Tubes assist in supporting the DIP and PIP joints of each digit. Velcro® attachment to the dorsal side of the hand allow for adjustable extension. The Finger Tubes may be trimmed to provide better fit and desired support.

The pediatric Finger Tube option provides similar benefits to Benik's W-700 Series Radial Nerve, CVA/TBI supports. However, the Finger Tubes have shown to be more effective for childrens' small fingers and hands.

Measurements are required for this product. Provide circumferences at the DIP and PIP and desired length from web space to proximal end for each finger tube. View and download the Finger Tube Order Form(PDF).

View and download the Finger Tube Instruction Sheet(PDF).