W-312 Thermoplastic Wrist Support

Neoprene splint features a 1/16" thermoplastic panel that is heated and molds to the wrist to help control wrist flexion, hyperextension and ulnar deviation. Features Velcro® fasteners at the thumb, wrist and forearm for easy application and removal.

Wrist Flexion - Benik's thermoplastic 300 Series wrist supports can be molded to provide wrist flexion of 30 degrees from full extension. A greater degree of wrist flexion can be achieved with a custom designed support. See Wrist Support Options for more information.

Fracture Splint - Benik's pediatric thermoplastic wrist supports, including the W-312, were used in a study that showed splints were as effective as casts for certain types of arm fractures. Learn more about splinting fractures with thermoplastic supports.

Radial Dysplasia - See Benik's Club Hand Splint to control radial dysplasia.

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Custom Options

Stock SizeSplint Length (MCPs to Proximal End)Circumference at MCPsTypical Age
Ped XXS3 3⁄4"4" - 4 3⁄8"<1
Ped XS4 1⁄4"4 3⁄8" - 4 3⁄4"1-2
Ped S5 1⁄4"4 5⁄8" - 5 1⁄4"2-3
Ped M6"5 1⁄4" - 5 7⁄8"4-5
Ped L6"5 3⁄4" - 6 3⁄8"6-9
Ped XL7"6 1⁄4" - 6 3⁄4"10+
Custom lengths exceeding 7" convert to W-310 item no.
Measuring Guide